Peace of Shit

Evan. 18. Louisiana.

Oct 9

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Sep 29

This is fucking miserable. All I can do is think about you. And I just want to hear your voice and for everything to be okay.

Sep 27

I want all new everything.

Sep 13

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Sep 12

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Aug 24

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I have hope and I need it to not kill me.

I am the hugest fuckup on this fucking planet.

Aug 23

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Jul 31

Jul 28

I want to run away and leave everything and start something new and real. I want to feel good.

Jul 10




Anti Abortion protestors getting run over by a car when they try and block it’s path

I mean like what were they expecting though……….and then it just surprises me more when theyre like “stop what are you doing?” well you just went under a moving car I mean……

Jul 9

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Jul 3



very early slayer

Omg look at that lil hanneman

Jun 23

Jun 21


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